Name:   Benjamin Jonas Secundus Richter
Nickname:   Ben
Height:   182 cm
Star sign:   Scorpion
Date of birth:   5th of November
Place of birth:   Berlin
Member of Thanateros since:
  the very first beginning
Instrument and/or duty:   vocals, everything no one else is doing…
What makes me happy:   my little son Torrin and my little daughter Enya and the rest of my family, the ocean, nature, reading books, enjoying the silence and much more…
What bothers me:   stupidity, intolerance, liars, if someone wants me to hurry,..
Musical career:   The Reflexions (oh my god…), Daneben (probably the worst punk band ever…), Brainwashed (Hardcore-Punk-Metal-Crossover… “The Accüsed” rules!!!), Vermilion Fields (good old goth-rock), Evereve (hmm…), Thanateros, The Cascades, Thanateros, ???
Bands I like:   New Model Army, Irish Folk Bands like Altan, Deanta, …, In Flames and stuff like that, good old Fields of the Nephilim, Suzanne Vega, …
Favourite drink:   Pure water, single malt whisky, Bavarian Hell
Favourite food:   pizza with salami and peperonies, Schweinebraten mit Kraut und Kartoffelklößen, Fish & Chips,...
Favourite colour:   black and sometimes red
Favourite book:   Boudica by Manda Scott
Favourite movie:   our family video clips...
Favourite Thanateros songs:   at the moment: Fear a Bhata, Ardour of Will
Profession:   Head of the IMMRAMA School for Shamanism
Dreams and ambitions:   I’m dreaming all the time and until now most dreams have become reality – so I’m dreaming on and on and on… (by the way: isn’t life just a dream…)