Thank you and goodbye!
After 10 years we take leave of the Rock n’ Roll circus because of family reasons. We want to thank all those bands, magazines, journalists, venues and people which supported us over the years. Our special thanks go to our crew and of course to you who believed in us all the time.
As a last gift we offer lots of items at our online-shop for lowest prices.
So: thanks again…

PS: The official THANATEROS homepage will still be online though this will be the very last news.


Photos from the show at Gößnitz could be found at the gallery. We want to thank André from THE CASCADES who stood in for Daniel on bass.

Since today you could take a look at some photos from our Record-Release-Party at the K17 in Berlin and from our concert at Halle. You’ll find the pics at the gallery.

Finally our shop has reopened. Amongst others you could order the new LIBER LUX shirts and of course our new album. The first 20 of you who order something get a THANATEROS amulet as gift!

Just in time for the release of our new album our homepage's got a new design.
By the way: You can order LIBER LUX already at amazon. Just get on the Discography-Site, click on the cover and you will come directly to amazon.
We also want to remind you that on April the 3rd our Record Release Party will take place at the K17 at Berlin. We hope to see you all there...

Since today you can listen to a medley of nearly all LIBER LUX songs on MySpace (www.myspace.com/thanateros666)!

LIBER LUX will be released on April the 3rd! We will celebrate this with a big record release party which will take place also on the 3rd of April at the K17 in Berlin. You already could order LIBER LUX in advance at our online-shop from the beginning of March on. Details will follow soon.

We’ve got a new label called NEW CRUSADE RECORDS. Within the next days we will let you know when our new CD LIBER LUX will be released. The CD will be mastered by Mika Jussila at FinnVox Studio/Helsinki. And that’s what it looks like:

We wish you a happy Halloween and a peaceful Samhain and a happy new year to all the Celts of you.

A new and unreleased song of us has been chosen for the CD compilation of the October issue of the Zillo-Magazin! The song’s called “A Dying Age” and will be found also on LIBER LUX.

Tony Pettitt, bass-player of “NFD” and founding member of the goth-legend „Fields of the Nephilim“ has recorded the bass for one track of our new CD LIBER LUX! The song’s called “Emain Ablach” and of course Tony is playing his unmistakable bass…

Drummer Simon Rippin (ex-Fields of the Nephilim & ex-NFD) and bass player Daniel Lechner (ex-Lacrimas Profundere) complete the new line-up of THANATEROS! The reasons for their decision to join the band are the very good collaboration while producing LIBER LUX and the convincing result. We welcome both and we’re looking forward to the further cooperation. Pics and some (more or less) interesting information about all band members could be found on the “band-side”. By the way: our new guestbook is already online now!

The production of LIBER LUX is already coming to an end and should be finished until the end of may. The second part of the studio pics is online.

Most of the recordings for LIBER LUX are done. It seems that the new CD is getting more metal, more “irish” and more emotional than everything else THANATEROS has produced before! A big THANK YOU to Simon Rippin and Daniel Lechner for doing a great job! By the way: Since today first pics from the recordings are online at the Gallery-Site.

Yesterday we’ve already started the recordings for our new CD LIBER LUX. We’re really happy about telling you that no one else than Simon Rippin (ex Nefilim and NFD) will play the drums on this album! And that’s not all: at the bass we will be supported by Daniel Lechner, the ex bass player of Lacrimas Profundere!

We’re happy to tell you that the great digi-pipe player Pit „the Cyberpiper“ Vinandy joined the band! That means that the irish-celtic factor of Thanateros is emphasized much more. Further facts and pics will follow.

After a long lasting recreation period we’re already coming back to life now! At Alban Eiler, that is the Spring Equinox at the 21st of march, we’re going to enter the RedHouse Studio with a brand new line-up – more news about that will follow – to produce our new CD LIBER LUX. From now on we will inform you constantly about the progress. So keep your eyes and ears open!