Name:   Pit Vinandy
Nickname:   cyberpiper
Height:   1,86 m
Star sign:   Cancer
Date of birth:   2.7.60
Place of birth:   Luxemburg
Member of Thanateros since:
  weiss nicht genau
Instrument and/or duty:   Midi Bagpipes, Flutes, whistles
What makes me happy:   sex
What bothers me:   kein sex
Musical career:   komme aus der folk szene
Bands I like:   skunk anansie, rage against the machine, nirvana, ourgenweide , clannad und und und
Favourite drink:   Porto
Favourite food:   Bouneschlupp
Favourite colour:   alle
Favourite book:   Lilith by George MacDonald
Favourite movie:   Die Pianistin
Favourite Thanateros songs:   Illumination
Profession:   Freischaffender Künstler
Dreams and ambitions:   Alles!