Name:   Simon Rippin
Nickname:   I’ve been called lots of things, but none of them has ever stuck!
Height:   Tall enough to play the drums but probably not as tall as I think I am!
Star sign:   Virgo. I am a typical Virgo which annoys me as I think astrology is nonsense!
Date of birth:   If you’re into numbers and stuff, it’s a good one. A friend of mine sometimes says that I am “out of the ark” Meaning Noahs ark and therefore very old. I like to point out that in fact I planted the forest that supplied the wood that Noah used to build the ark!
Place of birth:   Weymouth, on the south coast of England. I’ve been told Weymouth is the “gun” capital of England. I’ve seen no guns there but it does have nice beaches.
Member of Thanateros since:
  Ben got me drunk on “Hell” and suggested I should do some gigs with them! (2008)
Instrument and/or duty:   Schlagzeug and “milking mice”
What makes me happy:   simplicity!
What bothers me:   complexity! (I could give you the long answer but there is not enough room or time and it would “bother” me to do so.)
Musical career:   I’ve been playing drums for 27 years…but I wouldn’t call it a career. I’ve played in lots of bands but the ones you’re most likely to know are Nefilim, Fields of the Nephilim, Sensorium, NFD. Also played with Dance on Glass (Dave Blomburg, New Model Army), This Burning Effigy, Subzeros and I’m currently involved in a metal project with my eldest son!
Bands I like:   Favourite live band is Slayer. I tend to like whoever I’m listening to at the time. The first band I really liked was The Stranglers
Favourite drink:   currently Asahi super dry, Japanese lager.
Favourite food:   pasta
Favourite colour:   Black, even though it’s not technically a colour. Black does however “sound” better than “champagne sparkle”!
Favourite book:   Usually whatever I’m reading. Recently: Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut or anything by Jerome K Jerome.
Favourite movie:   All time: “Starwars“. Recently: “Planet Terror“ and “Cloverfield“
Favourite Thanateros songs:   I’m not too good at remembering the titles of songs but I like the one that goes: boom chaka chaka boom bang!
Profession:   When not professionally employed drumming I’m a cycle courier in London
Dreams and ambitions:   My ambition is to have dreams and my dreams are about ambitions. I would also like to be able to play double kicks at 250 bpm and master the one handed roll, with either hand!!